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Precision rail guides

LMB Transmissions supply practically every type of bearing for rotational and linear motion. We are therefore in a position to meet almost any customer requirement both technically and economically. The catalogue link above called 'Precision Rail Guides' covers the our range of precision rail guides and accessories. Precision rail guides are highly accurate products for linear motion and are therefore ideally suited for use in a wide variety of machine tools, machining centres, handling systems and special machinery as well as measuring and testing equipment.

The Modular Range has introduced a new concept to the market, ensuring the internal interchangeability of all well-known guidance systems including the high capacity LWRE-type rail guides. This matrix range of rail guide modules permits the individual selection of rails and rolling elements.

Precision rail guides are available in many different designs, sizes and standard lengths, incorporating ball, roller or needle roller assemblies and slide coating. They are supplied with the required accessories for attachment and sealing.

The use of precision rail guides facilitates the construction of economical, clearance-free linear guides of practically any type and length, according to the building block principle. The characteristics of the guides include:

  • a constant, high degree of running accuracy
  • low-friction, stick-slip free operation
  • high speed of travel
  • low heat generation
  • low wear and high reliability
  • high stiffness
  • excellent load carrying capacity

If there is a danger of cage-creep (in particular when the guide is mounted vertically), precision rail guides of type LWRE-ACS (Anti- Creep System) are an obvious choice, as they will eliminate this problem. For applications that are characterised by high accelerations or short strokes of high frequency, rail guides with dry sliding coating are recommended.

These rail guides are also suitable for machine tool applications where the good damping properties of the guides are of greater importance than the lower friction of the rolling element rail guides. For those applications where rail guides are unsuitable, for instance because of their limited travel, we can supply alternative forms of linear guidance systems.

All fast-selling precision rail guides are also available in convenient kit packaging. This ensures complete delivery of all single components including end pieces and screws.

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